Prop. 8: One Less Thing to Write About

silverbulletIf it wasn’t so socially and politically inappropriate for my workplace, I might consider buying myself one of these silver bullet necklaces to celebrate the final, final death of California’s Proposition 8.

While my coverage wasn’t definitive, I feel like I’ve been writing about Prop. 8 for-ev-ah. (For the sake of nostalgia, read my short story, “Something About Love”.)

After all, same-sex marriage has been riding a roller coast in California for more than a decade. I’ll take you on a spin. Buckle up and keep your arms and hands inside the car at all times: Continue reading

HPV and Throat Cancer: So What About the Lesbians?

yellow-roadsign-download-iconA recent story in the New York Times reports that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is helping protect people against throat cancers.

Infection with HPV is linked to cervical cancer – one of the few viruses that has been definitively linked to a cancer.

The report says that a new study shows the vaccine is proving to be beneficial against cancers caused by oral sex, and “presumably would protect men as well” (The study was done on women, but not women who identified as lesbians.)

Every time I read a study like this, I think, “So what about lesbians?” After all, we have a reputation for taking the big dive at the slightest invitation. Why not study older lesbians, who have presumably been performing oral sex on women for most of their sexual histories?

According to the NYT article, cancers caused by smoking or drinking usually occur in the mouth, those caused by oral sex usually occur at the base of the tongue or deep in the folds of tonsillar tissue, and are hard to detect. They are more common among heterosexual men than among women, or gay men; experts believe this is because vaginal fluid contains more virus than the surface of the penis.

Again, wouldn’t be logical to test older lesbians who have seen more pussy than penis? Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Fear and Desire

Fear&Desire2I’ve been thinking about race and gender a lot this week. It has been hard not to, with demonstrations protesting the Trayvon Martin decision, and sell-out screenings of Fruitvale Station, a movie about the local killing of another unarmed black man. Mid-week I came out of the 19th St. BART station to a near-empty downtown, helicopters circling overhead and favorite restaurants and bars sporting plywood windows. Telegraph looked like a smile with teeth missing.

I don’t know if any mother of a teenage boy — black, white, or any other race — can read about the Martin decision without thinking about her own son. I know I did. It was also hard not to think of the teenagers I encounter every day in Oakland, many of them dressed exactly like Trayvon, many of them with dark faces inside their hoodies, like Trayvon. It’s an urban uniform that cloaks the individuals within. Some of the teenagers I know are gone this summer. Their families have sent them to stay with friends or relatives in quieter locations rather than have them while away their summer at loose ends in Oakland. Who can blame them? The shooting death of an 8-year-old girl four days ago was the city’s 54th homicide this year.

This summer has found me commuting to San Francisco, a venture that has involved at least six kinds of public transportation, in varying combinations, sometimes all of them in a day. It’s a far cry from my usual schedule, where I work about 10 minutes from home. Continue reading

Miley: “Lesbian is Okay with Me!”

MileyCyrusMiley Cyrus is unfazed by rumors she is a lesbian. In fact, go ahead and call her one. She takes it as a compliment.

When Cyrus cropped and her bleached hair and shaved the sides of her head, the 20-year-old pop star triggered speculation she might be coming out the closet with a peroxide bang.

“Everyone said I was a lesbian but I’m like, ‘Being a lesbian isn’t a bad thing. So if you think I look like I’m a lesbian, I’m not offended,’ ” she told the Toronto Sun. “I’ve been called much worse. Being a lesbian is a compliment more than what else they call me.”

You’re damning lesbians everywhere with faint praise, Miley, but it’s still a cute haircut.

Rule, Brittania!

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II put her stamp on same-sex marriage, which gives me an excuse to finally use this wonderful graphic from British Vogue. (And when you’re done reviewing The Queen’s fabulousness, read Andy Borowitz’s humor piece on this topioc for The New Yorker.


Small Minds, Small Town, Stop Gay Pride


Is this bleak burg the meanest town in California?

In 2008 Porterville was the only California town with a city council that formally declared its support for Proposition 8.

(Before you go running for a map to try to figure out where the hell Porterville is, let me help you. It’s a pimple on Hwy. 65, in Tulare County between Lindsay and Bakersfield, only a little bigger than Mayberry, RFD and 10,000 times meaner. Rumor has it the Grinch was born there.)

This year, the town’s mayor issued a proclamation declaring June LGBT Pride Month and this action caused such an uproar with the town’s small-minded city council members and homophobic residents that tonight, the council voted to rescind the mayor’s proclamation and, like the Grinch, steal way Pride forever.

During the vote, local members of the group GetEQUAL dared to protest  and were all arrested and led out by the police while the mayor reportedly watched in tears.

The city council responded to the chaos by introducing and passing a retaliatory proclamation ironically declaring June the “Month of Charity and Goodwill”.

You can read the entire story here on Oh-blog-dee-oh-blog-da because I don’t make this stuff up.

In Search of the Elusive Butch Bra

photoIt’s been a fashionable week on LesbianAppropriate. My post on Menswear Tailored for Female Bodies led a lot of you back to my 2011 post, Femme Eye for the Butch Gui. (As of today, I’ve updated the fashion links in the post, too!)

In that post, I said my numero uno fashion tip for butches was to support your chest. Bra shopping isn’t comfortable for anyone, and a good fit is the most important thing, not whether you can pull it over your head.

(Believe me, I can sympathize. I’m suffering from the discontinuation of a certain femme and lacy Wacoal number that I bought in triplicate.)

Check out this awesome DapperQ video, The Bra Whisperer, in which Susan Herr, DapperQ’s Transgressor in Chief, throws herself under the brassiere bus for the sake of butches everywhere.

Her best line, in response to a black lace bra: “It’s all lace and flowers. My wife will have a fit.”

What Is It About the Swimmers?

Casey Legler wearing Givenchy suit

Casey Legler

Two of the hottest gender-bending models, both women modeling as men, were once world-class swimmers. Casey Legler, the first female to be signed to model exclusively with Ford Models New York men’s division, swam for France in the 1996 summer Olympics. Earlier this year, she was signed to a campaign for  fashion label AllSaints.



Tamy Glauser

Tamy Glauser, who recently walked the men’s runway for Givenchy, was a member of the Swiss national swim team. She decided not to pursue becoming a professional athlete, and reportedly has said, “Swimmers have the weirdest bodies anyways, and I already don’t like my broad shoulders.” She may be underestimating how much the rest of us like them.tamy2

If the two of them were on my childhood swim team, I might have taken practice a little more seriously.


Bay Area Home Girl Kay Ryan Honored

Kay RyanKay Ryan, a former Poet Laureate of the United States and a career English teacher at College of Marin, was honored by President Barrack Obama at the White House recently. Obama, who counts himself among Ryan’s loyal readers,  honored her as one of 24 recipients of the 2012 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medals.

“One of the special privileges of this office is getting a chance to honor individuals who’ve played an important role in my life as well as in the nation’s life,” Obama said in presenting the medals.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Ryan read her poetry several times and she has a dry wit and plain way with often-fancy words. I once heard her poems described as mousetraps, because they look simple and then – snap! – they’ve got you.

In 2008, the New York Times published this portfolio of her poetry, still available online for your reading pleasure. (Hint: For maximum pleasure, read them aloud, even if you’re alone.)

Fifty Years Later – A Different Feminine Mystique

Betty Friedan 2It was 50 years ago that Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique was published, changing the lives of women in the early 1960s, and – many would agree – forever.

Many feminist scholars date the beginning of second-wave feminism to the publication of her book.

So I was heartened to get an email from my alma mater saying two things that were immediately tied together for me: That the school has renovated its biology labs and has more students studying biology this year than ever, and that all incoming students this year will read The Feminine Mystique.

This points up that quality I really appreciate about single-sex education and being the graduate of a women’s college. I love knowing that an understanding of the vagaries and shifts of feminism won’t just belong to the students who take women’s studies classes, but to the future biologists and mathematicians, too.

Menswear Tailored for Female Bodies

photoThis isn’t your mama’s winsome Annie Hall vest and tie. A growing number of designers and clothing retailers are finding a niche in haberdashery – for butch women and androgynous and genderqueer folk, among others.

While many masculine-dressing women have found satisfaction in the men’s department at Nordstrom, many more haven’t been as lucky. Today’s story in The New York Times rounds up a group of resources.

Also check out Femme Eye for the Butch Gui, my post with butch fashion tips.

Chris Pureka: Whiskey and Wry


Chris Pureka at Oakland’s New Parish

Last night I experienced the alchemy of being in the room with the voice that often carries me through crowded BART trips. Chris Pureka finally played a show in my town.

I’ve written about her before (and she even played a minor role in one of my short stories). Her voice mesmerizes me — it’s made of  whiskey and wry and honey and the dust you blew off an old biology text.

She has a new EP out, Chimera II, and you need to get it.

Get Yourself to Oakland for Butch Voices

The third biennial national Butch Voices is barely more than a month away.

I’d like to recommend that you clear your calendar, make your reservations, and get yourself to Oakland.*


Cherríe Moraga (l) and Jay Toole (r) are keyote speakers

While I didn’t have the honor of attending last year, the first biennial conference – which I attended four years ago – was a memorable weekend. If you’re on the fence about going, you can read my posts about it here, and I’m sure you’ll register online as soon as you’re done.

Continue reading

Wait! Don’t Go Away!

CupcakeIn keeping with my gay and geeky theme, GeekPornGirl has become the homophonic LetsBeInappropriate/LesbianAppropriate.

The content is still the same. And, you can still find my original 756 posts. Only the look has changed. Continue reading

Happy SF Pride, Ya’ll

Pride PopsicleI’m not really a crowd girl, but I’m headed to the parade for the first time since SCOTUS repealed Lawrence vs. Texas. It seems like a good time to get my gay on and revisit the chaos and the beauty that is SF Pride.

Contraction of Desire

If you don’t understand punctuation, you might find this story hot. If you understand and appreciate punctuation, you might find it hot and funny.

Original fiction:apostrophe

As always, the parking lot at the Berkeley Bowl was a cluster fuck.

Since I’m not a fan of parking garages, I circled several times before a space opened up on the far side, near the street. I pulled in next to a black Lexus with tinted windows just as the passenger door was opening.

A young woman emerged, quickly smoothing down her short cotton dress and composing herself. She reached for the passenger door and opened it, wedging herself between the two cars. There was an edge of formality to her action and she stood still, eyes forward, until the driver unfolded herself from the car, clearly taking her time. The driver was tall and masculine in presentation, her hair cropped close around the sides and fading smoothly into her honey-colored skin. She wore a pressed white button-down shirt, and heavy silver loops in her ears. After the door had closed gently, and the driver had set the locks, she handed the girl her leather jacket, and the girl stood on tip-toe to slide it onto the driver’s shoulders. As her hem of her dress lifted with her efforts, the red welts of a recent caning showed on the backs of her thighs. They started toward the store, the driver leading the way.

Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day, However You Celebrate It


Lesbian Couple Weds in Historic West Point Chapel

fbb4d903d0d77f21220f6a706700f18cWEST POINT, N.Y. (AP) — Cadet Chapel, the Gothic church at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, hosted a lesbian wedding on Saturday. It was the first same-sex wedding in the chapel’s more than 100-year history.

Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony attended by about 250 guests, and, in military tradition, exited the chapel under crossed sabers.

The women have been together for 17 years. They had a civil commitment ceremony that didn’t carry any legal force in 1999 and have long hoped to formalize their vows. Two landmark decisions made it possible:  Last year New York legalized same-sex marriage and then President Barack Obama lifted the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the military. Continue reading


Oh, my. Have you met Casey?

French-born New York artist Casey Legler is breaking gender boundaries as the first female model on Ford Models’ male roster. The 6′ 2″, lanky Legler, a former Olympic swimmer, broke into modeling this summer after her friend, fashion photographer Cass Bird invited her to participate in a photo shoot for Muse magazine – as a man. The Ford Models agency saw the photographs and the next day, Legler was contracted to work exclusively in the agency’s stable of male models.

Her novel signing is bringing international attention, including an interview with Time magazine. (Be sure and click through to watch Time‘s video interview. I dare you – butch or femme – not to fall in love a little!)

Following in the well-shod footsteps of gender-bending models such as Andrej Pejic, Legler is adding a new twist to fashion layouts – one that is sure to leave femme hearts fluttering.

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau!

There are times when Doonesbury hits the mark like nothing else. Life sciences geeks and women everywhere are cheering!