Once upon a time, GPG began as a collection of lesbian-themed original fiction. Although the site now includes news, opinion essays, humor, and haiku, I  continue to write new stories. This a complete list of all the fiction on this site, by category (short stories, series, and very short stories). The newest writing is at the top of each category. Please don’t reproduce my writing without my permission. You can contact me for a password to unlock explicit stories.

Contraction of Desire
Dominance, submission, and punctuation.
Bridging the Gap
Two butches find a way to connect. Explicit three-way sex. To read it, you’ll need to contact me for a password.
A Fairy Tale
This story contains edgy, albeit consensual, violence and sex. To read it, you’ll need to contact me for a password.
Brandee’s Last Dance
A stripper and her patron find connection in a lap dance.
On a night in Santa Barbara, a woman takes a vacation.
By the Numbers
A lonesome mathematician exchanges numbers in a bar
Move On, Again
Two women have a chance meeting at Obama’s Inauguration.
Kittehs and porn might rule the internet!
Plain Brown Wrapper
Shopping for a birthday present at Good Vibrations.
Go Fish
A story about an first date that occurred in Pisces.
Pillow-top Princess
A bedtime story with good lumbar support.
Under Brush
A girlfriend, the girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend, and an expensive hairbrush.
Caroline spends her birthday hanging around a streetlight in Delores Park.
The Pillow Fight
A random encounter leads to SF’s infamous Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight.
Following The Thread
A damp, romantic story about knitting.
A lonely woman shops for bras on Valentine’s Day.
Two butch women knock boots on the dance floor.
A Southern belle and two college buddies mix it up under the mistletoe.
Plain White Tee
A random encounter in a nightclub leads to two computer geeks compiling together.
The Fifth Taste
Sasha learns the definition of “umami”.
A Slice of Pi
A black velvet dress and a geeky tattoo lead to an infinite encounter.
Chocolate Fondue
A Victorian fantasy about a femme top and a pot of melted chocolate.
One Earring Down
A story unfolds around a missing earring.
Just Play Me John Coltrane
A butch-femme fantasy about Lucinda Williams… really!
The Pedicure
A story about forced grooming and how patience is required for a good pedicure.
Vision Quest
A quest for new glasses hold the promise of love and the threat of physical harm.
Heavy Breathing
Two girls meet in a coffeehouse, and a proposition is made using a graphing calculator.


A novella in 13 chapters. A sexy San Francisco-style ghost story.
Something About Love
In this five-part story, two women realize that once the time seems right for a relationship, they have to choose to go forward.
I Got My Kicks
This story, written in five installments, follows a woman on a post-breakup trip on Route 66.
Figure Study
A four-part story about an artist and her surprising muse.


THE GPG 100 (very short stories limited to 100 words)

Crumbs in Bed
Aural Sex
Greeting The Ladies
Leap Year