LesbianAppropriate/LetsBeInappropriate started its life in 2007 as GeekPornGirl, a site I described as a blog for gay girls in glasses. The tag line was “If you want appropriate, go somewhere else”. It was supposed to be geeky and sexy with a little attitude. However, in 2007, I wasn’t very internet savvy and didn’t understand the implications of having an URL with “porn” in it. Of course it got blocked and filtered and attracted weird attention. But the name carries personal and professional implications for me, too, since I’m always feel compelled to explain that the site isn’t really porn, or about porn (although there is some erotic fiction under the “fiction” tab at the top).

So in 2013, I changed the header and the name, although the content is still the same. And, what could be geekier or gayer than a pair of homophonic URLS? You can now reach the site through the filter-safe LetsBeInappropriate.com or LesbianAppropriate.com, and of course, still through GeekPornGirl.com.

No, “geek porn” referred to my obsession with trivial, egg-head details. In 2007, the site was a place to park and share my collection of lesbian-themed short stories.  I try to make my stories smart, sexy, and sometimes funny. Over the years, the blog grew to include news and feature links, opinion writing (mine), and more.

LesbianAppropriate is written from a queer point of view by me, a Genuine Bay Area Lesbian. Once upon a time, I earned a degree in writing from a liberal women’s college and went on to take lots of additional science classes.  In my free time, I enjoy being a parent, exploring music and art, and all things geeky and scientific… and of course, writing and blogging.

Your comments are welcome and add to the fun!

You can email me at geekporngirl@yahoo.com

Copyright Information:

All of the fiction and poetry and many of the illustrations on LetsBeInappropriate/LesbianAppropriate/GeekPornGirl are the original work of the blog’s author and may not be reproduced, in any form, without the author’s permission.

Information is researched from other sources, and when appropriate, those sources are provided in the form of links. However, I try to keep most of the writing posted on the site original. Please respect that.

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