The Real Jackal

Allison Janney, arguably one of the sexiest and smartest actresses of our time, and unarguably one of the sexiest female voices ever, has arrived on Twitter.

(Note: I have Kaiser health insurance simply because of Allison Janney’s voice. Imagine how disappointed I was to finally hear the automated voice in the waiting room only to find it wasn’t Janney, but rather the lady from the DMV.)

When Janney recently shared her plans to revisit her famous West Wing lip-synch send-up of Ronny Jordan’s “The Jackal,” on the Arsenio Hall Show, the Twitterverse lit up.Janney tweet

However, seconds prior to her Arsenio Hall performance, when she asked the audience members if any of them knew what she was about to do, there was the meager sound of a few hands clapping.

Really people? The Jackal! On the West Wing, Janney as Claudia Jean “C.J.” Cregg preformed a number that was less blatant, more awkward, and somehow even sexier than the Arsenio Hall version. How soon people forget:

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