Small Minds, Small Town, Stop Gay Pride


Is this bleak burg the meanest town in California?

In 2008 Porterville was the only California town with a city council that formally declared its support for Proposition 8.

(Before you go running for a map to try to figure out where the hell Porterville is, let me help you. It’s a pimple on Hwy. 65, in Tulare County between Lindsay and Bakersfield, only a little bigger than Mayberry, RFD and 10,000 times meaner. Rumor has it the Grinch was born there.)

This year, the town’s mayor issued a proclamation declaring June LGBT Pride Month and this action caused such an uproar with the town’s small-minded city council members and homophobic residents that tonight, the council voted to rescind the mayor’s proclamation and, like the Grinch, steal way Pride forever.

During the vote, local members of the group GetEQUAL dared to protest  and were all arrested and led out by the police while the mayor reportedly watched in tears.

The city council responded to the chaos by introducing and passing a retaliatory proclamation ironically declaring June the “Month of Charity and Goodwill”.

You can read the entire story here on Oh-blog-dee-oh-blog-da because I don’t make this stuff up.

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