What Is It About the Swimmers?

Casey Legler wearing Givenchy suit

Casey Legler

Two of the hottest gender-bending models, both women modeling as men, were once world-class swimmers. Casey Legler, the first female to be signed to model exclusively with Ford Models New York men’s division, swam for France in the 1996 summer Olympics. Earlier this year, she was signed to a campaign for  fashion label AllSaints.



Tamy Glauser

Tamy Glauser, who recently walked the men’s runway for Givenchy, was a member of the Swiss national swim team. She decided not to pursue becoming a professional athlete, and reportedly has said, “Swimmers have the weirdest bodies anyways, and I already don’t like my broad shoulders.” She may be underestimating how much the rest of us like them.tamy2

If the two of them were on my childhood swim team, I might have taken practice a little more seriously.


One response to “What Is It About the Swimmers?

  1. I’m such a huge Legler fan. She seems both sexy and classy. Killer combo.

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