In Search of the Elusive Butch Bra

photoIt’s been a fashionable week on LesbianAppropriate. My post on Menswear Tailored for Female Bodies led a lot of you back to my 2011 post, Femme Eye for the Butch Gui. (As of today, I’ve updated the fashion links in the post, too!)

In that post, I said my numero uno fashion tip for butches was to support your chest. Bra shopping isn’t comfortable for anyone, and a good fit is the most important thing, not whether you can pull it over your head.

(Believe me, I can sympathize. I’m suffering from the discontinuation of a certain femme and lacy Wacoal number that I bought in triplicate.)

Check out this awesome DapperQ video, The Bra Whisperer, in which Susan Herr, DapperQ’s Transgressor in Chief, throws herself under the brassiere bus for the sake of butches everywhere.

Her best line, in response to a black lace bra: “It’s all lace and flowers. My wife will have a fit.”

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