Wait! Don’t Go Away!

CupcakeIn keeping with my gay and geeky theme, GeekPornGirl has become the homophonic LetsBeInappropriate/LesbianAppropriate.

The content is still the same. And, you can still find my original 756 posts. Only the look has changed. You can still still reach the site through GeekPornGirl.com, or you can change your bookmark to the filter-safe LetsBeInappropriate.com (or LesbianAppropriate.com, if that tickles your fancy).

In a few weeks, this site will celebrate its 6th birthday, and I felt it was time for an update. When GeekPornGirl was conceived in 2007,  I described it as a blog for gay girls in glasses. The tag line was “If you want appropriate, go somewhere else”. It was supposed to be geeky and sexy with a little attitude. However, in 2007, I wasn’t very internet savvy and didn’t understand the implications of having a URL with “porn” in it. Of course it gets blocked and filtered and attracts weird attention. And, the name carries personal and professional implications for me, too, since I always feel compelled to explain that I’m not a pornographer and I don’t review or post porn (although there is some erotic fiction under the “fiction” tab at the top).

So enjoy the new look and the new links. For the time being, I’ll still be @GeekPornGirl on Twitter.

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