The International Lesbian Anthem

Coming to us from Norway, self-described “pin-up performance band,” The Hungry Hearts offers up this lesbian anthem, “In Your Face”. The video includes instruction in an accompanying dance. The lyrics are a little hard to hear through the electronica, but it’s part of what makes it so much fun, when you figure out what they’re saying!

(Far sexier than any of the anthems mentioned on this blog before!)

The Hungry Hearts consists of six permanent members, five of which are from Norway and one of whom is Portuguese and lives in New York. Together, they create and produce performances, concerts, films, music, texts and photography.

The six members continuously develop alter egos who live their own lives in the films and performances we develop. The Bride of Christ, Rosita Lonelyheart, Anatola Twins, the Pantyhose Lady and Betty Ballbreaker are so far the most prominent ones. Sometimes they give wild speeches where they indulge in their obsession with the female body.

Thanks to @addycat for the introduction!

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