When 10-year-old Laure moves to a town where no one knows her, she introduces herself as “Michael” and spends the summer exploring what it’s like to be male.

The beautiful coming-of-age film Tomboy follows this 10-year-old girl who — for reasons that aren’t quite clear — resolves to make the other kids believe she’s a boy.

As played by Zoe Heran, she completely looks the part: Soft-featured, perhaps, but lean and flat-chested, with a boyish physicality and a Shaun Cassidy mop of light-brown hair that always looks freshly mussed.

Her peers may sense something a little different about “Michael,” but he’s a deft striker on the soccer field. He’s taller and stronger than the other boys, who haven’t hit their growth spurt, and he can spit for distance. No one questions that the new kid is a boy. Read the rest on

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