The Kids Are All Right, Now With a Laugh Track

Deadline is reporting that HBO has made a deal to develop the Oscar-nominated movie The Kids Are All Right into an hour-long series. (Deadline calls the movie a comedy. Was it supposed to be funny?)

Lisa Cholodenko, who co-wrote and directed the movie, will write the pilot script.

From a lesbian standpoint, I think the movie was a mess. This new show promises to do for lesbian credibility what The Jeffersons did for black people 25 years ago.

It’s rumored the show will continue the adventures of the five main characters. They were the same-sex partners (played in the film by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore), their son and daughter (played by Josh Hutcherson and Mia Wasikowska) and their sperm donor bio-dad, who surfaces and tears the family apart (played by Mark Ruffalo in the film).

On-going lesbian drama, lesbian family drama, and the random man… sounds a lot like The L Word with wrinkles and an estrogen patch.

2 responses to “The Kids Are All Right, Now With a Laugh Track

  1. Didn’t she end up sleeping with the dude at some point. Repeatedly? Great. Just what we need is more people thinking lesbian’s just haven’t met the right guy yet. Ugh.

  2. I identify as queer femme, and sometimes this means I might sleep with and/or engage in partnership with men–trans, cis, and/or queer men (they identify in various ways themselves). My identity is not contingent upon whom I sleep with or engage in relationship with, as most queer people can attest. Not everyone, of course.

    I recognize how the film felt delegitimizing to many lesbians, and although this is a concern to me, I need to also say that I liked the film. I related to the complicated development of a woman who loved a woman, and also a man. And, too, the humor and the sorrow and the general fucked up lovely mess that comes with being human and entering relationship, but then failing at relationship. Trying hard to do it all–parenting, loving, all of it. None of it is especially easy but all of it is beautiful, and always it can be, yes, funny.

    If being queer means following a predictable set of social norms (or facing social sanctions) then I refuse. How would this then be any different from what queers face from heteronormative society for the fact of their supposed subervise nature? I allow for art to show me every possible variation on what it might mean to be human–and queer–and I refuse to hold to conspiracy theories that patriarchy is forcing me to believe I must fuck men. I fuck men if I choose to fuck men. And only if I choose to.

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