Talkin’ Bout an Evolution has the perfect t-shirts to poke the President. Click on the photo.

It’s been pretty clear these past few weeks that the man who stood on “Hope” and had the blue states chanting “Yes We Can” is still using semantics to drive his campaign.

Staring into the face of a re-election campaign, President Obama is once again using a catch phrase, only this time he’s “evolving”.

(Now, I’m a science-y dyke, Mr. President, and I know that “evolution” doesn’t always mean a change for the better. You’re buying time, the way a pestered parent does by saying “let me think about it”.)

I expected better from a man who was born at a time when anti-miscegenation laws would have prevented his own interracial parents from marrying in parts of the United States.

I expected him to know that “granting rights” and “recognizing equality” are not the same thing.

Over this past Pride weekend, the New York Times editorial staff took President Obama to task on his wishy-washy stance on same-sex marriage:

Fundamental equality, however, is hardly the equivalent of a liquor law that can vary on opposite sides of a state line. Why is Mr. Obama so reluctant to say the words that could lend strength to a national effort now backed by a majority of Americans?

You should read the whole editorial.

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