That’s Vaginal!

I seem to have a theme this morning:

This strange little video is part of a  viral advertising campaign orchestrated by The Richards Group ad agency for their client Summer’s Eve, a maker of various vaginal douches and similar concoctions.

The campaign is part of a rebranding effort that’s been underway since 2010, when Summer’s Eve released an incredibly douche-y ad encouraging working women to cleanse their vaginas before asking for a raise. That ad won a 2010 Tracy Award, a yearly award given to the very worst ads from around the world.

Douches, vaginal cleansers, and “feminine hygiene sprays” are living fossils of an age when women were taught to hate, mistrust, and apologize for, their bodies. Framing it this way, it’s no wonder the damn cat has a male voice.

For goodness sake, love your own kitty. Wash, rinse, and enjoy. That’s all there is to it.

That’s vaginal.

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