Just Don’t, Okay?

While Canadians are taking back their inner sluts, women in New York City are being told that riding a bike in a skirt could be illegal.*

The world abounds with (fatherly?) advice and restrictions about all of the things women should and should not do, for fear they might call unwanted attention to themselves.

This awesome info graphic turns the tables on the oft-repeated list of “dos and don’ts for preventing sexual assault”. Aimed at perpetrators, this list is the collaborative brainchild of bloggers  feminally and tumblinfeminist.

Click it to enlarge.

*What about riding a bike in a skirt and a veil? Would that be okay, officer?

One response to “Just Don’t, Okay?

  1. I love women… if they wanna ride their bikes NAKED, I would applaud them whole heartily! (but not in a creepy, voyeuristic sorta way, if that is possible) 🙂

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