Your Menstrual Cycle, In Full Color

There’s nothing I love more than a good body-wise explanation, and this poster does a fantastic job of spelling out one of life’s enduring rhythms. It’s the product of I Heart Guts, a silly and scientific little company created by an anatomically obsessed illustrator who loves internal organs.The poster is 18×24 inches and costs $15. It might be just the thing to decorate your bathroom (or a baby girl’s room, for that matter!).

I Heart Guts also makes organ plushies, posters and other paper-goods, t-shirts and accessories (where else can you get a cute little hypothalamus lapel pin?). Check out their free e-cards, too.

Guys shouldn’t feel left out, there’s a great “Grab Your Gonads” testicle self-examination card and free download – think of it as the instructions that should have come with the package.

More Geek Porn Girl posts on menstruation and girl parts here.

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