Veena Malik Schools On What It Means to Be Muslim

Pakistani actress Venna Malik was a cast member in the mega-hit Big Boss, a Big Brother-type reality television show, produced in India. During a news show interview, she was ambushed with a counter-guest – an Islamic mullah who criticized her. In this incredibly powerful segment, Malik not only held her own, she took the opportunity to school the mullah in his own faith.  (Recommendation: Turn down your volume.)

(Thank to Boing Boing.)

3 responses to “Veena Malik Schools On What It Means to Be Muslim

  1. Thank you for sharing that.

    The point of “American Taliban” isn’t to malign American conservatives by comparing them to Muslims, but to point out that jerks are jerks whatever ideology they subordinate to their jerkiness. Atheist libertarians included.

    Veena Malik is my personal hero for today.

  2. Wow. This is fantastic.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this!! What a phenomenal woman Veena Malik is! Unfortunately speaking as open and honestly as she did in this interview could put her in a dangerous situation. She is definitely my hero today as well.

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