Andro Fragrance Ad Revamped

Moss in Harper's Bazaar, looking back on 20 years of modeling

When Calvin Klein launched his now-iconic androgynous fragrance, CK One, in 1995, the black and white advertising campaign received lots of press. Media comments focused on the downtown “grunge aesthetic” of the commercials, and the intentional visual blending of genders, making it hard to tell the boys from the girls. Up until then, most fragrance advertising was exactly the opposite – attracting buyers with images that were either overtly feminine or overtly masculine, and reeking of an upscale life.

Calvin Klein is relaunching CK One this spring. The new advertising campaign is an homage to the original, featuring androgynous models, a 1990s soundtrack, and a club-scene feel.

The only thing missing is Kate Moss*. Having her deliver the closing line of the commercial would have been the very best knowing nod to the past. After all, viewers like ironic redundancy; it makes them feel like they’re on the inside. (Remember when Bob Newhart woke up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette at the end of the second Bob Newhart Show?) And, Ms. Moss is still hot.

The new commercial:

One of the originals:

*NOTE: Oh my goddess, how could I have forgotten about the cut with Jenny Shimizu! I’m a traitor to my people. Talk about hot…

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