In Praise of Gap-Toothed Women

I’ve always been a fan of model and actress Lauren Hutton. With her rangy limbs and androgynous sense of style, she personifies a classic type of American woman. She has always looked as good in street photos wearing sneakers and khakis as she did in American Gigolo and on countless magazine covers. And, oh, that gap in her front teeth! It makes her look a little awkward, imperfect, geeky, and real. Sigh.

Apparently I’m not alone in my passions. In 1987, director Les Blank and friends made a documentary in praise of women with that distinctive gap. The trailer:

3 responses to “In Praise of Gap-Toothed Women

  1. As a gap-toothed woman I cannot tell you how much this little tiny praise of it means to me. At 32 I still have people asking me “Why don’t you get your teeth fixed?” I always respond that there is nothing wrong with them.
    Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and teeth. Thank you again. ❤

  2. Hee. A dentist who was supposed to get featured in a magazine offered to fix the gap in my teeth. I told her I like them that way.

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