Finally: A Smooth-Fronted Shirt

I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of this before: a shirt that promises not to gap, gape, or reveal what you do or don’t have on under it.  Extra hidden buttons – what the inventor calls “dual button technology” – in the double placket of The Shirt promise a smooth front.

Best of all, that smoothness comes without darts or front seaming, and with tails long enough to tuck, so you won’t look like Jennifer Aniston in a mid-90s episode of Friends.

In fact, if you can look beyond the femme-y model and accessories in The Classic Shirt’s advertising photo, it looks like this is a pretty darn androgynous shirt. So if you’re more concerned with a smooth front than what side your buttons are on, this might be a good work option for butches as well as femmes. The Classic Shirt is a slim cut (think European men’s) in crisp stretch cotton. It comes in five colors: white, red, dark gray, black, and navy blue.

At $88, this isn’t the cheapest option out there, but if it works, it would be worth every cent.

One response to “Finally: A Smooth-Fronted Shirt

  1. This is awesome! and they ship to Israel!!
    Thanks 🙂

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