Pastie That Right Here

My previous post on Hello Kitty gone bad got me to thinking: If Kitty is now on pasties, what else is going on in the world of decorative nipple covers?

Fine jewelery pasties

What I found ranged from the silly to the sublime.

Leah Ball at Body in Metal is working on a small collection of couture metal pasties. You can watch a video about her Pasties Project here, on the Kickstart page she used to raise funding for her neo-feminist project.

A website with the god-awful name Booby Bling sells a variety of pasties, intended more for practicality than performance. By practicality, I mean day wear at pool-side parties and bike rallies. (Finally, an answer to the age-old question of what to wear under a fishnet shirt!)

Biker babes on the Booby Bling site

Elegance at NYC Burlesque Pasties

It had been a while since I paid a visit to the NYC Burlesque Pasties blog, a compendium of the crafty, goofy, cute, and glamorous. While there hasn’t been a new update since March, if you haven’t visited before, there’s still plenty to look at.

A company called Flying Pasties is marketing fun and kicky nipple and crotch covers to make your TSA screening more comfortable. And, guess what? There’s even lesbian versions.

They have five layers of protection and are designed to protect your girly bits from radiation, too!

If you’re interest in making your own pasties, you can check out this handy Instructables on the topic.

And, if you’re interested in learning to twirl those puppies, you can watch this instruction video by the sort of butch-vibing Katja:

Finally, if you’re not into practicing and just want to watch:

One response to “Pastie That Right Here

  1. See, us guys don’t get “dong tassels” or anything… U girls get all the bling! 😛

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