I’m As Naked as Barbie Down There!

I’m not against personal grooming, however, training little girls to hate their pubic hair is just wrong.

(Thanks to The Gloss for this. I’ll go scrub my eyeballs now.)

3 responses to “I’m As Naked as Barbie Down There!

  1. Well… you are obviously not a SpongeBob fan! (BTW… Bikini Bottom is where SpongeBob lives. Just sayin’.) (<8

    • I am so busted! I’ve never watched an entire episode of SpongeBob in my life. (This is what comes from not having cable t.v.!) Everything I know about him is something I’ve heard kids say. I did not know Bikini Bottom is his home. However, I’m leaving the post because I’m sure there are others, like me, who don’t know about the details of SpongeBob’s eukaryotic life, and without that information, the toy appears to be in dubious taste. Someone had to have taken a second look at that packaging and still let it go to press!

  2. As quick as I am to call out and hate sexism, I gotta agree with Melissa here. This is clearly aimed at boys and just unfortunately named after Spongebob’s home.

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