Finally! “Magic,” Part 9

(This is an installment in a serial story. To read “Magic” from the beginning, click here.)

(Part 9)

When Sarah’s heart stopped racing and her breath began to slow, she stretched her right arm up and unbuckled the cuff that bound her left arm to the headboard.

It was quiet, and she was pretty certain Lupa had gone, although she wasn’t sure how much time had passed since she first heard her knocking.

“What timing,” Sarah thought. When she realized Lupa was at her door, she had tried to stop the tsunami of pleasure that was swelling, but it was too late, and it began crashing on her shore. All she could do was try to muffle her cries in her pillow as she rode out the wave.

Slowly, Sarah pushed herself up to sitting and scooted down on the bed, slacking the brass chains that tethered her legs to the footboard. She unbuckled the velvet cuffs from her ankles and flexed first one leg and then the other. Then she sat on the edge of her bed.

“Sarah?” she heard, from the hallway outside her door. Again. It was Lupa.

Sarah wrapped her robe around herself, fumbling with the tie. She ran her hands through her hair, finding it all tangled at the back, and remembered how, just minutes ago, she was tossing her head on her pillow.

The front door seemed a long acre away, as Sarah walked toward the sound of Lupa’s persistent knocking. Finally, she unbolted the door and opened it.

“Oh good,” Lupa said. “I thought you were here.” Her eyes sparkled as she surveyed Sarah’s disarray. “Did I interrupt you in a nap?”

“Sort of.”

“I’m so sorry.” Luna said. “I’ve been sleepy all day. I should have come over and joined you.”

Sarah didn’t have a reply to that. She wasn’t certain what Lupa had heard, or exactly what Lupa meant. She seemed to know everything.

There was an awkward moment for Sarah.

“Or I could have watched,” Lupa said.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I love to watch women nap,” Lupa said. “I never turn down an invitation to watch.” There was a mischievous quality to her voice.

Sarah felt like the conversation was rushing around her, pricking at her, and tickling her, but she couldn’t keep up. She was still back on her bed, and flashes of surf continued to gently rock her body. She took a deep breath and tried to collect herself.

“Can I get you some tea?” Sarah said, turning toward the kitchen.

“No, I’m fine, but I want to talk to you about Tuesday night.”

“Oh. Thank you for the lovely invitation,” Sarah said. “But, it seems like a lot of trouble on your part.”

Luna waved her hand in dismissal. “Your birthday can’t go unmarked. Especially this one. This is the beginning of a big year for you. Your move was just the first of many positive changes.”

“I certainly hope so,” Sarah said. She gestured with a mug. “You’re sure you don’t want tea.”

“No,” said Luna. “But you go right ahead. You look in need of restoration. Although,” she paused, “this dishabille becomes you.” She looked pointedly at the front of Sarah’s robe. Sarah looked down to see that it had slipped open, and a blotchy pink orgasmic flush still covered her chest. She gathered her robe closed again, trying to maintain some composure.

“So Tuesday?”

“Well,” said Luna, “I just realize it will be the full moon. It must have snuck up on me.”

“Do you do something special?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I have a small group of women friends that like to meet and mark it. Sometimes it’s the only time we see each other all month.”

Sarah was curious. “What do you do?”

“Oh, it’s nothing special. We just hang out and enjoy each others’ company.”

“It’ll conflict with my party?” Sarah asked.

“It doesn’t have to,” Luna said. “The thing is this, I was wondering if, after your party, we could come over here for a while. This is such a nice, intimate space. I hope you won’t think I’m imposing by asking.”

“No,” Sarah said. “You’re giving me a party. It only seems fair, but…” her voice trailed off as they both looked around the room. It was mostly bare

“We’ll light candles, ” Luna said. “Candles always warm a place up. And, I’ll bring a few cushions to sit on.”

“Sure,” Sarah said, uncertainly, “If you think it will work.”

“It will be so lovely,” Luna said. “Thank you for this.”

After Luna left, Sarah sat at the table in the bay window, drinking her tea. She watched Luna cross the street, stopping to pick up Owl, who darted out of the shadows to meet her. Under the table, she felt Alba wind around her ankles.

A full moon gathering? Thinking about the aura of magic and mystery that surrounded Luna, Sarah wondered what she was getting herself into. Her mind dashed through some of the possibilities, and unexpectedly, she felt her nipples harden against her robe. The cat rubbed against her calf and trilled.

“Not right now, kitty.”

Sarah left her tea on the table and wandered back into her bedroom, where the scented candles still burned next to her bed. The room was warm and her bed looked inviting. She closed the door.

(“As if that could keep the cat out,” she thought to herself.)

She opened her robe and let it slide down her back and pool on the floor. Then, Sarah climbed back on the bed and again reached for the velvet cuffs and chains.

(To be continued)


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