Blasts From the Past

Sorry folks, this video is now gone from YouTube. You missed a seriously weird celebrity mash-up. However, I hear the promo is now running on HLN – something I can’t fathom. I always thought that when celebrities signed on for a project this bizarre (imagine a camera pan with Katarina Witt, Tonya Harding, and Glenn Close all singing on a beach together) they included stipulation that it not be aired in the U.S.

Wow. I didn’t think I’d hang in there for the whole six minutes of this video, but the amazing range of people who show up in it kept me mesmerized.

This cover of “Let It Be” is a promo for a Norwegian show called Gylne Tider (Golden Times). The huge cast features everyone from Lou Ferrigno, to Kathleen Turner, to Freddy Kreuger, to Milli Vanilli and Ricki Lake green-screened together on a beach. It’s so strange and fascinating I feel like I have to share it. Kelli McGillis is in it, so there’s our lesbian connection. Everyone is looking older (and quite real). Does that mean I am too?

(Thanks to Boing Boing for this.)

2 responses to “Blasts From the Past

  1. That is the most eclectic group of people ever.
    It’s awesome!

  2. …and at the precise time I go to watch I get the message, “this video has been removed by the user”… 😦

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