A Court Date Becomes Kink Art

Baby, let's play court. I'll be Lindsay and you be the bailiff, okay?

I’ve never thought there was anything particularly sexy about Lindsay Lohan. However, there’s something decidedly hot about these courtroom sketches of her recent day in court by Mona Shafer Edwards.

(Even with a pleated skirt and a sweet little hair-bow, handcuffs just make a girl look so bad.)

No cameras were allowed in the courtroom for Lohan’s recent appearance, the result of failing a couple of drug tests while on probation.

Lohan's attorney is on the left. Didn't I already see this on "The L Word"?

The judge refused to set bail and ordered Lohan to remain in custody until Oct. 22. She returned to jail in handcuffs. The wicked red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps are rumored to have stayed behind.

One response to “A Court Date Becomes Kink Art

  1. I was directed to your website, and honestly never thought of my illustrations in exactly the same way as you see them! Thanks for the nice words and cheeky comments… Who ever thought that I could combine fashion and courtroom art in such an interesting way, and still be working in the 21st Century?

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