Gay Bunny Now Hasbian

Stephanie_AdamsWe’ll never know whether coming out to the press as a lesbian helped to boost the career of Playboy magazine’s Miss November 1992 – but everyone knows that a little hint of girl-on-girl action seems to attract straight men like, well, flies to honey.

It looks like this lesbian has turned into a hasbian, however.

The New York Post is reporting that Stephanie Adams is engaged to a  unnamed man.

Adams released the following statement to Page Six: “I would like for his privacy to remain intact, but I will say that I intend to retire from being a public persona so that we can settle down and have children . . . Life is good . . . I have no regrets for anything.”

In the far-off past – before hopping out of the closet – she was romantically linked to actor Robert DeNiro and Elite Modeling chairman, John Casablancas. She is also the author of 17 books and several astrology calendars under the “Goddessy” title.

The Village Voice named Adams its 2004 “Best NYC Lesbian Sex Symbol”.  Nonetheless, it looks like we’ll have to kiss her fluffy tail good-bye.


5 responses to “Gay Bunny Now Hasbian

  1. Could it be that she is now bi?, it’s possible.

  2. Words like hasbian are frankly kind of cruel. They’re biphobic, suggesting that sexuality is somehow fixed, and a woman is falling from grace if at one point she identified as exclusively same-sex attracted and is now sleeping with men. Sexuality is not fixed, it took me years to figure out I probably am exclusively attracted to other female-bodied people, but if I ever did sleep with men I would not want my experience to be reduced to exclusionary name-calling, lesbianism is not some kind of paid-membership club. Not to mention the fact that hasbian assumes a gender binary, what of genderqueers or trans people? There is enough bi- and transphobia in our communities without an intelligent and well-spoken blogger getting involved.

    • Sarah, there’s almost no easy way to answer this. It’s pretty obvious that when you embraced your exclusive attraction to other female-bodied persons, you celebrated with a big drink from the ancient well of self-righteousness.

      No, I don’t think “hasbian” is cruel. It’s smart-alecky in jargon that is familiar to LGBT readers. It isn’t anti- anything. It describes a woman who once defined herself as a lesbian and now doesn’t. When you look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find Anne Heche, among others.

      “Hasbian” doesn’t describe a gender binary any more than “dyke” does. You’re spouting rhetoric and confusing a couple of different things.
      Gender, binary or not, is not synonymous with sexual orientation. The two paths are mutually exclusive – although they may intersect at times – and this post had absolutely nothing to do with gender. (Although I think being born biologically female is still a requirement of being a Playboy Bunny. However, I may be wrong.)

      At one point, while a Playboy Bunny, she came out as lesbian – a move that might, arguably, have been career-boosting – and is now marrying a man, and leaving her lesbian identity behind her. She says, rather defensively, concerning her past, that she has “no regrets for anything”.

      To try to paint this as bi- or trans-phobic, or anti- any gender identity is sort of lame.

      When I wrote the headline, I was intending to be a smart-ass, which is the nature of Geek Porn Girl. After all, it says right at the top of the screen, “If you want appropriate, go somewhere else.”

  3. Gender is who you feel like and how you express yourself. Sexuality is who you’re attracted to.

    This needs to be said more often. Many people, even in the LGBT community, don’t get the distinction.

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