Coloring Contest Winners

Quite some time ago, I post a coloring contest in honor of this site’s 2nd birthday.

Christine Phillips of the The Erotic Lesbian Coloring Book illustrated a story from my archives, and we invited you to color it and send it in.

We got a lot of cool entries. Here are the three that we thought stood out. The drawing illustrates my short story, “Following the Thread,” which is actually pretty tame. Christine chose it when we discovered we have a mutual love of The Cowboy Junkies.

Christine’s illustration made my tame story hotter, and each of these three finalists added something more.

First Place

Big Brain Girl added tattoos and moody coloring, turning up the temperature:

WINNER MelissaStone copy


Second Place

Elizabeth B. was the only person who colored her entry in the old school style. She earned special merit for that:

SECOND EB#2 copy.

Third Place

Tomboy Tigress added a note of realism with a brick wall:

THIRD TomboyT copy.

Thank you everybody!



One response to “Coloring Contest Winners

  1. Great colors, I also love the 3rd pics.

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