Schooled in Squirting by Kink

Picture, that is.
Some of the best things about San Francisco’s monster hard-core porn house (the home of many speciality online pay sites such as “Public Disgrace,” “Naked Kombat,” “Everything Butt,” and the now venerable “Fucking Machines,”* are the mini-documentaries about the workings of the organization that is housed in San Francisco’s old armory.

The link to an index of these free “Behind Kink” features can found on the home page.

After all, who can forget last winter’s tour of the Fucking Machines engineering department, given by chief machinist Tomcat, and’s owner Peter Ackworth? It managed to be sexy and hilarious, all at the same time. Or the enlightening “Best of Behind Kink“?

The current episode of “Behind Kink” turns to public service. It’s a instructional demonstration in female ejaculation led by porn star and champion squirter Flower Tucci (pronounced “tushy”). A video manual intended to demystify the bringing forth of what tantra calls “amrita,” which literally translates to “holy fluid” or “drink of the gods,” the video doesn’t attempt to tackle the debate around the source of this fluid (which has its own Wikipedia entry), but rather focuses on how to do it yourself.

Click the picture to access the video, but don’t do it at work.

Picture 2

*Note: None of these sites are safe for work.


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  1., how do you do it?

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