Jodie Foster’s “Beaver”

It seems to me, that when you’ve already been the target of lesbian gossip and jokes – first for making a long-overdue entrance from a barely closed closet by finally acknowledging your partner and co-parent of 15 years, then dumping said partner within months and taking up with a woman two decades younger than your ex, who in turn, dumps you  – that you might not want to make a movie called The Beaver anytime soon.

I know that joking about the name is so junior high school, but nonetheless, the name is just wrong.

Jodie Foster’s latest venture, The Beaver, which she is directing and co-starring in, features Mel Gibson as a depressed man who treats a beaver puppet like it’s a living creature; Foster plays his wife.

It’s a reunion of sorts for the two; they previously worked together on 1994’s “Maverick.”


4 responses to “Jodie Foster’s “Beaver”

  1. This is perhaps completely unrelated, but you may be amused to know that there’s a freeway that runs through Detroit called I-75. One of the streets this exits onto is a road 16 miles north of the city center, and it is called 16 Mile Road for the most part. As it runs East-West through several cities over a 20+ mile span, it has some other names, notably Metro Parkway and Big Beaver.

    The best part is that the I-75 exit to Big Beaver is Exit 69. I am not making this up.

    How awesome is that?

    • When I was a kid growing up in Santa Rosa, Calif., my grandmother lived in a little apartment near the corner of Beaver & Cherry Streets, in a lovely Victorian part of town.

      I didn’t realize this was funny until I was in high school, and first heard jokes made about it.

      And later, when I was in college, I went with a group of friends from our women’s college to a party at UC-Berkeley, in one of the big old brick fraternity houses. We were given a tour of the house, and upstairs in one of the dorm-style pledge bedrooms, sitting in a place of honor in the bay window, mounted in a wooden base, was a street sign from the corner of Beaver and Cherry. It was a very old one, with a iron finial – a style of street sign that pre-dated my memory of Santa Rosa.

      “Oh my gosh,” I said. “My grandmother lives there!”

      Everyone just looked at me. I’m sure they thought I was making some sort of weird joke.

      The guys explained that it had been a long-standing prank in that house to send the new pledges up to Santa Rosa to collect the street sign and the fraternity housed several versions of it.

      • I love it. Sadly, it’s a little difficult to get the Exit 69 sign, so there probably isn’t anyone with a vintage collection of those. 😉

        I’m trying to think of other funny junctions but coming up blank right now. It’s just a shame that where 16 Mile meets Mound Rd, it’s not called Big Beaver, because that would be a pretty awesome intersection too.

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