And When I Die… Mary Travers

PP&MI’ve written quite a bit about music here, including my childhood spent at folk festivals.

Peter, Paul & Mary started to sing together in the year I was born.

Like many other people who grew up in the Wonder Years, they provided much of the soundtrack to my early life.

Their songs were family music, heavily laced with a peace message. These were the lyrics we memorized, the stuff our parents listened to on eight-track in the car, and the very first songs we learned to play on our guitars.  Songs like “Blowing in the Wind,” “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” seem so specific to a time period (embroidered bell-bottom blue jeans, anyone?) and yet timeless. PP&M are so iconic they were featured in a PBS special.

Mary Travers, the singular female voice of Peter, Paul & Mary, died today, taking with her the clear voice that bridged generations.

You can read about her here.

My thanks to my friend BigBrainGirl,

another guitar-playing child of the 70s,

for the links & this video.


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