Two Scoops for California, Please

hh-graphicI live in a region of the country where our local creamery is the venerable Clover, long celebrated with the tag line, “The Only Milk with Love in It”. Our sweet slogan doesn’t hold a candle to Ben & Jerry’s recent move.

The ice cream-making guys of Vermont have partnered with Freedom to Marry to rename their beloved “Chubby Hubby” flavor “Hubby Hubby” for the month of September. The flavor is a mixture of pretzels, peanut butter, fudge, and vanilla malt ice cream.

The company’s website says, “We are gathered here to celebrate Vermont and all the other great states where loving couples of all kinds are free to marry legally… and to raise awareness of the importance of marriage equality.”

Now if only we could get some of that sweetness in California!

Read the company’s press release.


5 responses to “Two Scoops for California, Please

  1. only one problem with this… in the background, only men+men cake topper. and, of course, the name “hubby hubby”? what about us grrls? come on guys! you can think up another flavor for us… right? *invisible* once again. (sigh) – already wrote a comment on their web site.

    • I’ve been thinking about this. Is there a existing Ben & Jerry’s flavor to celebrate lesbian marriage?

      Mango Mango (Kiss)
      Everything But The… (Man)
      Chocolate (Couples) Therapy
      (Go) Phish Food


    • In Ben & Jerry’s “retired” ice creams are more good possibilities:

      Concession Obsession might be the perfect flavor for lesbians who like to process: described as a vanilla bean ice cream jam-packed with non-pareils, fudge-covered crisped rice candy, peanuts dipped in fudge and a caramel candy swirl. This mighty flavor was a whole snack stand in one.

      Honey, I’m Home (with the U-haul), a honey vanilla ice cream with fudge covered honeycomb pieces.


      Purple Passionfruit Sorbet – A ripe rapturous swirl of raspberry-blackberry and passion fruit sorbets.

      (They had me at the “swirl”.)

  2. I want to see the list of stores that won’t carry this so I can be sure not to shop there.

    • I think Hubby Hubby will mostly be distributed in Vermont, since it’s only for the month of September.

      I poked around the internet and couldn’t really find any specific mention of boycotts.

      There were people commenting that this is the sort of mixing of politics and business that is bound to piss someone off, but it’s also the sort of mixing of politics and business that the Ben & Jerry’s brand is famous for. BTW, B&J’s is owned by Unilever, which also owns Dove soap, Lipton Tea, and in a genius closed-loop retail move, Slim-fast (the B&J’s antidote). Apparently Unilever gives B&J’s plenty of leeway in marketing decisions, which is very cool.

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