Oh, Color Me Lesbian!


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One of my favorite websites to check in on is The Erotic Lesbian Coloring Book. Part art, part cultural commentary, part playful, and part plain old hot, Christine Phillips’ illustrations never fail to delight me. Printed out on good paper, they make great gifts and greeting cards. In fact, a stack of her images, printed out post-card sized and wrapped up with a package of colored pencils might be the perfect day-brightener for a lesbian friend.

Recently this (nearly) 35-year old, very cool Canadian artist took the time to answer a few questions for Geek Porn Girl:

How did the Erotic Lesbian Coloring Book come to be?

The Erotic Lesbian Coloring Book kind of arose out of a joke/funny idea. I started making them for some of my friends over at lezbang.com (now lezbang.blogspot.com) and after a while I decided that I really ought to share them with everyone. At first I felt a bit worried that maybe we were just weirdos who liked that sort of activity (coloring naked girls) but soon found that there was a larger number of adults who also owned crayons and wanted something to color. I picked the ones I liked best and started a separate blog so they would be easy to find.

Where do you get your ideas? Do you work from photos, or…?



My ideas mostly come from my head. If I can find photos (sometimes up to 5 or more) that I can splice to use as a model or guide for body placement/perspective I’ll do that but I try to be as original as possible. If I find something that conveys an idea or a concept better than I can, I might work directly from another person’s creation or photo. Page 12 was a direct recreation of a photo intitled “The World Stops for a Moment” taken by Bitpicture at Flickr with permission. I also spent a few hours shopping for shoes to find exactly the right ones I wanted for Page 11. Page 4 came from a picture of graffiti I came across. I loved how it looked. The word, “DYKE,” bold and beautiful across a brick wall. The artist owned it. It wasn’t as much a label or a hurled insult as a defiant, factual statement.

Is the Coloring Book hand-drawn and scanned? Or do you produce it digitally?

I use a computer program called Illustrator to create the final pages. I like to sketch things out on paper if I’m still thinking about an idea. It usually takes me about two to three hours to finish each page.

Is art your day job?

I actually gave up art as a day job to work with adults with intellectual disabilities. Now I do art for fun. For me.

Can you tell me a little about your art background?

I have a diploma in Advertising Art, and worked as a desktop publisher for several years. (I was that person who helped design/create personalized junk mail that comes right to your door with your name on it, what is called direct marketing.) I found I didn’t like publishing that much and so I never really pursued a career further in that field. I’ve taken a few watercolour classes and nude figure drawing. I have been drawing pretty much since the moment I could hold a pencil.

Who are your influences?

I LOVE Gil Elvgren (pin up artist extrodinaire). I used to read a lot of comic books when I was a kid – Punisher, Conan the Barbarian, Elf Quest. I have a very large print of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, but I wish someone would feminize the very male subject in the picture. I probably just said something uber arty-sacriligious and outed myself as an art imbecile.

Do people ever send you panels from the book that they’ve colored?

My friends used to post them but no, not recently. They should! I’d totally love that.

Ever thought of having a coloring contest?

Yes, I totally should! I kicked that idea around a little and was thinking that as soon as I had enough pages to actually print a book then I could make that the prize. Maybe I should have a contest sooner…

[Geek Porn Girl readers, hold that thought, there’s a coloring contest in the works to help celebrate GPG’s 2nd Blog Birthday. Keep checking in for details, coming soon!]

Where are you geographically?

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The center of the continent. You all revolve around me. No. Wait, that’s the sun. That is also why sometimes you might see coloUR instead of coLOR.

How would you describe yourself in less than 10 words?

Silly, genuine, loving, good sense of humor, and single.

Do you listen to music when you’re making art?


If so, what kind?

Everything. Joni Mitchell, Tegan and Sara, Cat Stevens, Stevie Nicks, Amanda Palmer, The Rolling Stones, Thunderhiest, Jet… there is not enough room here.

What’s your favorite inanimate object?

I collect rocks – seriously – like big ones, little ones, smooth ones, ones that look like stairs…

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Maple walnut or anything chocolate.

Anything else you want Geek Porn Girl readers to know?

The coloring pages are FREE – you can print out as many as you want! I take requests and suggestions and when you stop by say hi! I won’t bite.


3 responses to “Oh, Color Me Lesbian!

  1. Whoo hoo! Thanks for interviewing our pal about her coloring book.

    ~Minnie (one of the lezbangers)

  2. Not only is the woman talented, but she is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met.
    (Page 10 is my personal favorite)

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing, this is a great site, I will be passing this one along to quite a few people I know.

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