I Need Rachel Maddow

MaddowFish1Things have been a little quiet in liberal-land the past few days. President Obama met with 275 LGBT leaders at the White House, to mark Pride month and the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. He tried to convince our community that he’s really a supporter, that if we’ll just be patient, we’ll give him a glowing entry in LGBT history, surrounded by a rainbow corona.

So Post-Bama and Post-Pride, I’m trying to be patient.

But with Rachel Maddow on vacation, I feel edgy and out of the loop. The news is still serious, but has lost its funny and ironic flip side.

I’m hoping this serves as reminder to all of us that without humor, progress will be more painful than it needs to be.

Today, when Rachel Maddow twittered a link to her fishing pictures, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was like getting a postcard from a family member.

MaddowFish2I love knowing about this side of Dr. Maddow, that she’s been hanging out on the charter boat Beth Ann in Provincetown, in her cut-off jeans and her NorCal Bear Flag t-shirt. Handling a rod and reel does plenty to up the butch credibility the studio makeup softens.

But I want her to hurry back.

Get back to the studio, Dr. Maddow. I don’t mind if you wear the cutoffs while you do your show. Since we only see you from the ribcage up, most people will never know the difference and I think it would be cool.

The truth is, the news is harder to take without you. Things are feeling pretty serious, and I need you to come back and flip me.

p.s. Nice fish.


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