Mariah Carey Does Drag

MariahCarey1Femme queen singer Mariah Carey is doing drag in the new video for her single “Obsessed”.

On-going tension between the singer and Eminem is said to be the impetus for the song, and for the video’s drag theme. In one part of the video she’s reportedly dressed like Eminem, and to quote MTV, “looks very bizarre”.)

Carey tweeted today, “Check out my website to see a photo of the star of my new ‘Obsessed’ video! LYM!!. In addition to the photo she posted, several other pictures from the shoot have emerged.

“Obsessed” is the first single from Carey’s upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which is set to hit stores on August 25. Though Carey doesn’t mention Eminem’s name specifically, there are a handful of lyrics that suggest that the song is a response to Em’s Relapse track “Bagpipes From Baghdad,” on which he raps about taking Carey back from her husband: “Nick Cannon better back the f— up,” Em warns the actor/musician on the track. “I’m not playing/ I want her back, you punk.”

Carey has denied Eminem’s claims that they dated for six months.

On “Obsessed,” Carey sings, “Why are you so obsessed with me/ Boy I wanna know/ Lying that you’re sexing me/ When everybody knows/ It’s clear that you’re upset with me … Why are you so obsessed with me?”

The song “Obsessed” is a rhythmic, catchy dance track. I’m sure it will find play on gay dance floors across the country. But hopefully, Carey won’t be entering drag shows anytime soon. She makes a creepy, and remarkably un-sexy looking guy and I offer her this advice:

“Don’t give up your day job.”


2 responses to “Mariah Carey Does Drag

  1. heheheh that last picture has me rolling on the floor. wow mariah.

  2. I think she’d make a better looking man without that hamster glued to her chin.

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