Obama to Meet With LGBT Leaders

Today 250 gay leaders are scheduled with meet with President Obama to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Let me just say that the one day of the year LGBT folks don’t want to schedule big meetings is the Monday morning after Pride weekend. I’d like to think this isn’t a tactical ploy by the White House to try and catch our community leaders off their game, but there’s a chance they’ll be sunburned, sleep deprived, hoarse-voiced, suffering from walking and dancing blisters, and possibly hung over.

More seriously, The New York Times had a couple of pieces over the weekend that are worth reading before the colorful memories of Pride weekend fades away:

Adam Nagourney’s story on how Political Shifts on Gay Rights Lag Behind Culture and Frank Rich’s Op-Ed piece, “40 years Later, Still Second-Class Americans“.


5 responses to “Obama to Meet With LGBT Leaders

  1. Obama’s been a real disappointment to me so far. I think it’s fair to say no one expected him to stand up for the LGBT community right off the bat, but the vibe I picked up during his candidacy was that he wasn’t going to stand in the way of progress that was occurring naturally.

    His office’s brief supporting DOMA was a big middle finger to everyone who figured his “I don’t believe in gay marriage” line was just to appease the intolerant ones who’d otherwise support him. Which was a valid supposition to make; it’s sad that a politician has to pander to that base, but unfortunately that’s where we are.

    And it’s not just that one issue, there are others I can’t think of right now. Suffice to say I’m not thrilled with his administration so far.

  2. I have to pretty much agree with Ryan, unfortunately. Even though I’m a die-hard optimist, the DOMA thing was bad — I was still trying to recover from the disappointment of Obama’s choice of Rick Warren for the inauguration speech. But at least we’ve reversed the Bush Administration’s “homosexuality = mental illness” stance at the UN, right? So I guess that’s something. I’ll be interested to see what comes of today’s meeting….It’s hard to imagine, though, how anything of substance can happen at a meeting of 250 people! Who gets to talk?

    • Toby & Ryan,

      One of my friends was just saying that he thinks Obama is going to end up either the best thing since sliced bread or the biggest piece of media puffery yet, and he has no inkling which it will be.

      I have this sense there’s something coming… Obama would certainly like to lead us to believe he’s thoughtful and methodical… starting to turn wheels that will prevent political backlash. However, it’s certainly hard to tell because it doesn’t look like anything’s happening.

      It’s like knowing glass is a liquid. I can understand why it’s liquid, but I certainly can’t see it move. I’m taking it on faith that what science tells me is true. However, if a report was published tomorrow saying science-think had made a mistake and glass is, indeed, a solid, I would say “Duh. I thought so all along.”

      So the questions remains, what’s Obama going to be to the LGBT community? Liquid, solid, or will we find out he’s simply gas?

  3. Hi, Thanks for the blog and sharing dyke pics. That said, since I started working a particular field (pro bono) of LGBT rights – immigration and binational plight – to be precise, I have become extremely cheesed off at Pres. Obama, who I adore but is on my shit list right now. My blog explains my feelings and invite you to read it.
    Scroll down beyond the PALIN stuff – not a usual topic but I could not resist. I am saddened by the poor leadership in our community and as many greats as there are out there, the insights I have had since I attended UAFA hearing with my client who gave testimony at the Senate Judiciary committee has overwhelmed me into serious activation.
    – Mel

  4. Oh, yes. Obama did not mention once the plight of our binational couples. The stories are devastating.

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