SF Dyke March Photos

Bare Breast Alert: As you scroll down, be aware that not all the photos below are safe for viewing at work.


The pre-march crowd filled Delores Park.

San Francisco’s Dyke March was once again a walk in the park… or at least a day in the park, followed by a leisurely stroll. The misnomer “march” barely begins to describe the lesbian extravaganza that is the Dyke March, the largest lesbian event of its kind in the world.

Women gathered Saturday in SF’s Delores Park for an afternoon of picnicing and entertaining. Music and entertainment emanated from the stage after the event’s annual opening ceremonies which were followed by another annual favorite – the mass breast self-exam led by a local physician and a nurse/midwife. Actress Sharon Glasser addressed the crowd before the march assembled.

Like “march,” “assembled” is a loose term. The event begins when the Dykes on Bikes roar down the parade route in a show of female bravado that always brings tears to my eyes. There are women amongst them who look like they’ve ridden every parade since we all got publically proud, and I can’t help but think of these leather-wrapped women as the warriors of our tribe.


Dykes on Bikes kick it off in a roar of thunder

The actual march is casually formed, as walkers fall in behind the bikers. It’s a big, colorful show of unity and identity that emphasizes the range of the dyke community as the throng moves slowly through the streets. The young, the old, the edgy, and the soccer moms all find queer space here.

Early estimates put the Dyke March crowd, independent of other Pride Weekend activities, at well upwards of 50,000.


A little rock-a-billy love in the park.


After the Dykes on Bikes, there were more dykes on bikes...


A sign of support along the route and props to this house for the dance music that had a little party going on the corner below.


Fleet Week never looks this good!


Although many men offered support from the sidelines, the single biggest complaint I heard was about cis-men marching in the event, which is supposed to be women-only.


Everyone gets to express their fashion sense.


A touch of history came to the march on a t-shirt.


A little rainbow body paint offers the creative answer to "show us your tits!"


Just an "awww" moment with this very sweet and proud couple.


10 responses to “SF Dyke March Photos

  1. 1. screw work.
    2. loved the second dykes on bikes!
    3. I’ve only been to SF once, but I really miss it.

  2. OH ! OH!!!


  3. Great pictures – better than the ones I got! It was my first SF Dyke March – amazing. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked them! None are of great quality… they were all taken with my last-generation iPhone. Everthing I look just looked like a sea of people… it’s all in the cropping! (I did wish I was carrying a better camera… one with a decent zoom!)

  4. Great photos and commentary! Looks like you had perfect weather in my favorite city, too.

  5. thanks so much for posting these and the commentary! i was in the city yesterday but by three i felt beleaguered by the heat and the crowds and had to split..it broke my heart to miss the march for the first time in years! you made it up for me, thanks!

  6. loved the pix, my biggest complaint about the wonderful march was the men marching! it would be nice if they could respect women’s space. other than that an awesome day!

  7. it was great to find these on Twitter and to hear what you and the other commenters thought of last night’s March.

    it really did used to be a March and Rally, branching off of a Take Back the Night March theme. i’m from the generation that were twentysomething 17 years ago when Dyke March was invented, and it’s changed some. the Dykes on Bikes in your photo are friends of mine.

    glad to see y’all liked it – i’m still getting used to how social networking has changed the name of the game for public events like these, especially among my generation which is only somewhat hooked in.

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos, I see some friends! Such a fun event but I was busy drumming, so it’s cool to see what else was happening. Peace!

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