Mrs. Robinson, This Is No Game

A friend, who I haven’t seen in years, used to tell a story about playing “doctor” with a neighbor girl when they were both little kids, maybe five years old.

It was a campfire story, meaning that after a little tequila, usually by a fire, we’d beg him to tell it because it always made us laugh.

The details of the story are his alone, but I remember that it involved he and the little girl fooling around naked in a VW bus parked in the family’s garage. When his mom slid open the door of the bus and discovered the kids, she asked, “Exactly what kind of game are you children playing?”

Legend has it the little girl replied: “Mrs. Robinson, this is no game.”

From xkcd: a webcomicGame Theory



One response to “Mrs. Robinson, This Is No Game

  1. I should also say that this story gave rise to an expression among a group of friends. To this day, if someone asks if I’m serious about something, I may answer “Mrs. Robinson, this is no game” and everyone would know that I mean I’m dead serious. Even my mom gets it.

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