Hello, Hot Butches!

Finally, the unveiling of the site we’ve been waiting for: Top Hot Butches: The 100 hottest butch, masculine, androgynous, genderqueer, transmasculine, studs, AGs, dykes, queers, and transguys, a project by Sinclair Sexsmith, the kinky queer butch top behind Sugarbutch Chronicles.

Sinclair conceived of this project as response to other “hot lesbian” lists that only serve to point up the notable lack of butch, masculine, andro, AG, stud, and trans visibility in mainstream lesbian culture. As Sinlair once pointed out, an AfterEllen list of the “15 Hottest Butches,” published nearly two years ago, featured mostly butch film and television characters. That is to say, the “Hottest Butches” they listed, were mostly fictional, played by (mostly straight) actresses.

I was delighted to be invited to be part of the judges panel on the project, along with Femme is my Gender, Kristen, Leo MacCool, and Rodger. I think the end result is a fantastic and diverse mix of the smart, queer, funny, attractive, and talented.

This list is a resource. It’s a reminder that while society continues to celebrate the idealized feminine – even in lesbian culture, damn it – the people taking the road less traveled through the spectrum of gender will always be the most visible members of our community. For that, gay and queer women everywhere owe each of the people on this list a debt of gratitude.

Thanks, Sinclair, for bringing this project to life.

Check out the 100 at TopHotButches.com.


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