“Outrage” Generates Outrage

posterTOutrage, the movie, is still opening around the country.

Check dates and locations here.

If you don’t think people find the topic of exposing the hypocrisy of closeted gays promoting anti-gay legislation, check out these two television clips with Washington DC’s local Channel 8 news anchor Doug McKelway.

Wow, the guy sure protests a lot.

At one point, he actually threatens to hit Mike Rogers, the founder and editor of BlogActive.com, a site dedicated to outing closeted gays in Washington, who is featured in the film.

It gets even worse:

Post-interview The New Gay blogger, Mike B., had the opportunity to ask the question these clips make everybody wonder:

The New Gay: Doug McKelway was noticeably riled up about this whole issue throughout the entire interview. So the natural question is: So how gay is Doug McKelway?

Mike Rogers: I don’t know if Doug McKelway is gay, bisexual or straight. I do know that Doug has incredibly personal feelings about this issue. And the way he expresses those feelings is more passionate than anyone I’ve ever met. I even tried to be nice afterwards but he gave me the equivalent of a “fuck you.”

The one I really felt sorry for after watching these is Doug McKelway’s co-anchor Natasha Barrett. Imagine getting up every morning facing a day working with that jerk.

Read more about the movie and see the film’s trailer in my previous post here.


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