Finland’s Lesbian Top Model

We’ve had out contests in televised modeling competitions before, but finally the world has a lesbian “top model”.


Right now, Grunfeltd is inspiring lesbians to plan Nordic vacations...

Nanna Grundfeltd, an out lesbian, has been named Top Model in the competition Searching For Finland’s Top Model (Suomen huippumalli), the Finnish version of America’s Next Top Model.


Grunfeltd in the shirt she created

While more than 30 versions of the hit show have been staged around the world, the 25-year-old Finnish model is the first lesbian contestant to have made it to the top spot.

During the competition, Nanna and the other contestants were challenged to paint a word on their clothing which best described them. Nanna chose the word “homo,” which is the Finnish expression for “gay.”

After that episode, Nanna responded: “”I’m so proud to be gay. I’m so lucky: I’m a woman and like women too! There’s nothing better. I thought at first I’d put something more than just “Homo” on the hoodie, like “homo — who cares” but … It was a strong word and that was needed.”


Kim Stolz

In 2005, American model Kim Stolz became the first out lesbian to compete in a televised competition. She finished fifth in the fifth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Stolz is currently working as a fashion model, television personality, and correspondent for MTV News. She is also a VJ and host for series The Freshman on mtvU.

Searching for Finland’s Top Model follows the same basic format as the American reality competition, but with more emphasis on photo shoots than runway competitions. The second season began in April with 11 contestants, who were slowly culled down to three for the finale.


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