There’s a Decision Coming Down

We’ve recently passed two milestone dates in the history of marriage equality.

May 17 was the five-year anniversary of legal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, and May 15 was the one-year anniversary of the day the California Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

The California Supreme Court’s decision was subsequently overturned by Proposition 8, but not before approximately 18,000 same-sex couples had tied the knot.

Since last May, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and Iowa have all legalized same-sex marriage. Marriage equality is also close to becoming legal in New Hampshire and New York.

But California is still waiting for the State Supreme Court’s decision in the lawsuit challenging Prop 8.

The decision is due before June 3 and the court has said it will provide one business day’s notice.

Since the announcement will come on a Monday or a Thursday, or on Tuesday, May 26 (the day after Memorial Day), that leaves only a handful of possibilities: Thursday, May 21; Tuesday, May 26; Thursday, May 28, or Monday, June 1.

Mark your calendars.

Meanwhile, if you’re an “opposite sex” legally married couple in Massachusetts who can make a compelling case for why your marriage has been damaged by same-sex marriage in the past five years, I’d like to hear from you.

By the way, “My husband has become obsessed with wanting to watch,” isn’t compelling enough.


One response to “There’s a Decision Coming Down

  1. I am on pins and needles about this decision. I so don’t want to be disappointed again, but I don’t trust that I won’t be. Kind of a horrid place to be.

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