“Lesbian Nation” Available on DVD and Netflix


Cheryl Dunye of Watermelon Woman

Watching a series of short films can be like eating single bites of everything on the dessert menu; some you wished you’d skipped, others leave you wanting more.

I’m not a huge fan of short film compilations on DVD. I prefer to see shorts in a theater, with an audience reacting around me, than alone on my couch, where I frequently multitask.

That said, I’ve added Lesbian Nation to my Netflix list. It’s available now on DVD and releasing on Netflix tomorrow.

Lesbian Nation is a compilation of short films focusing on gay women in front of the camera and behind it.

At the center of the collection, is an hour-long documentary, Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film.

A film festival favorite, this 11-year-old film was made at a time when queer cinema was just beginning to gain momentum.  Directed by Marc Mauceri, the film features conversations with then up-and-coming female filmmakers.

From Go Fish to Paris is Burning to The Watermelon Woman, the documentary goes behind the scenes with a diverse group of filmmakers – Cheryl Dunye (Watermelon Woman), Rose Troche (Go Fish), Jennie Livingston (Paris is Burning), Monika Treut (Seduction: The Cruel Woman), Maria Maggenti (The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love), Su Friedrich, (Sink or Swim),  and Heather MacDonald (Ballot Measure 9) – using clips from their documentaries, feature films, shorts, and even experimental works.

You can read more about Lesbian Nation in this review in the San Francisco Bay Times.


One response to ““Lesbian Nation” Available on DVD and Netflix

  1. Fantastic suggestion!
    Another film that was over looked that is finally out in NetFlix is LOSING CHASE .

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