Where Can I Buy My Own “Concerned Citizen”?

The group behind a $1.5 million ad campaign targeting states where marriage equality has become legal, or may getting close to legalizing it, has seen its TV ad become a source of headlines in the queer and mainstream press.

It seems that somehow, somebody got ahold of audition footage for the commerical, showing that that the “concerned individuals” featured in the spot are, in fact, actors.

The audition tape has prompted a swarm of media attention. Everyone is in on the act, including LGBT news sites, blogs, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, along with general news sites.

From Maddow:

The National Organization for Marriage, the group behind the ad, has filed a filed a copyright violation against YouTube, where audition footage of the actors appearing in the ad had been posted. Unfortunately, some links to it don’t work because it’s been removed. When I clicked one link to it, I received a message saying “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by the National Organization for Marriage.”

In short, LGBT equality advocates think the ad is incredibly misleading, especially in light of the information that the individuals in it are actually actors speaking a script.

And, here’s the controversial ad:


One response to “Where Can I Buy My Own “Concerned Citizen”?

  1. I do feel sorry for them, what a boring position (missionary)


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