A Portion of Diversity, With Egg Roll, Please

A couple of days ago, news agencies started announcing that The White House is allocating tickets for the Easter Egg Roll to gay and lesbian parents as part of the Obama administration’s outreach to diverse communities.

(And we’re also being invited to the Philadelphia Zoo. Will the madness never stop?)

Many families say the gesture shows that the new Democratic administration values them as equal to other families, and I suppose that’s true.

In the spring of 2006, LGBT groups pressured the White House to include same-sex families. One-hundred families rolled eggs with the straight folk, wearing rainbow leis to increase their visibility.

Alisa Surkis is a writer/computer programmer and lesbian mother of two. She, her wife, and their kids live in Brooklyn, NY. Their family has been invited to this year’s Egg Roll, and she’s written this essay on the Huffington Post.

My big request of Surkis and other gay parents who will be a ‘rollin this weekend: Please don’t wear rainbow-colored leis. Don’t wear rainbow-colored anything, except the requisite Easter pastels. Hold hands with your spouses, take pictures with your kids. Do the normal family stuff. But let’s not come onto the field like a Gay Pride parade float. We’ve been invited to the party, we should behave like guests. At least Rick Warren won’t be playing the Easter Bunny.


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