Chris Pureka at 32,000 Feet (& in San Francisco)

Flying near the Easter/Passover spring holidays means planes full of parents with little kids and crying babies. Thank goodness for my iPod.

For a secret “If you only knew what I was listening to right now” thrill, I recommend the Savage Love podcast, but for chilling out, nothing beats Chris Pureka. (Sample her music on MySpace.)

I’ve listened to her Dryland and Driving North albums many times and I never get tired of them. I took them on this trip along with her new EP Chimera. She’s the perfect soundtrack for cruising over the heartland, looking down at the patchwork quilts and mountain tops.

I was recently able to hook into her tour, and saw her show at Slim’s in San Francisco (thanks, Boz!).

I’ve seen her in concert before, and once again, she delivered a great show.

Of course, half the fun is the audience – a room full of androgynous girls in short-sleeved snap-front shirts. There was a lot of plaid going down.

But the rest of the show is the music. There’s a hypnotic quality to Chris’ music. She jokes about having “two happy songs”. But this wasn’t a sleepy show or a downer. In fact, the smoothness of her recordings, which are carefully engineered, belie the energy of her live performance. The crowd was hopping – dare I say darn near dancing? – through much of the show.

Chris was backed up by a drummer and two musicians who both played the violin. One also provided harmonizing vocals.

Lyndell Montgomery (aka Captain Dirt) really stood out during this show. She is a classically trained musician, who managed to weave her violin around Chris’s voice like one of the sugar-phosphate spines in a strand of DNA, not quite playing solo, but not fading into the background, either. She also played the electric bass, notably bowing it part of the time.

Check out Chris Pureka’s tour schedule here.

If you’d like to check my Twitter stream from the show, you can see it here. There are some links to photos, also.

A Billboard interview with Chris:


2 responses to “Chris Pureka at 32,000 Feet (& in San Francisco)

  1. Chris Pureka is cute, but I’m not into the folk/americana sound. but, she IS cute, and a talented guitar player…which I appreciate (as a guitar player myself).

  2. I just clicked to her myspace page and listened. I AM HOOKED. Thank you.

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