Going Green “Down There”

cukeAre you thinking about the phthalates in your dildo?

There was a uptight time when strap-ons and other toys weren’t considered politically correct among hard-core feminist lesbians… now that’s thankfully cooled off, but we’ve got the long-term effects of plastics to worry about.

In her post “How to Have an Ecogasm” on SF Sex, the Guardian’s sex blog, writer Juliette Tang says

There’s a big, hard, and urgent reason to use eco-friendly sex toys, and it’s not just to get off. If you haven’t ever thought about what’s harboring in the industrial-grade plastic of that favorite vibrator, now is probably a good time to start doing some research.

The majority of vibrators, dildos, sex beads, and blow-up dolls contain plastic, and most of that plastic is treated with one or more phthalates, a family of chemical compounds that is added to plastics in order to make them more flexible. If you use a bendable dildo that feels soft of pliable to the touch, it most likely contains a giant load, if you will, of phthalates. Because the presence of phthalates have been known to induce birth defects, change hormone levels, and cause liver and testicular damage in people and animals, phthalates used in childrens’ toys and animal toys are subjected to federal government regulations.

Yikes! Read the rest of her post here.

And for more information on unsafe sex toys, check out this post on Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex Blog.


One response to “Going Green “Down There”

  1. I think glass toys are a nice “green” alternative, unless you’re just into chlorophyll… lol.

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