We Went Marching on a School Night

eveofjusticeLast night, my son and I, and a few thousand others, made the walk from Harvey Milk Plaza to San Francisco’s City Hall, as part of the Eve Of Justice candlelight march, intended to encourage the State Supreme Court to overthrow Prop. 8.

I’m not a mommy blogger, I’m not even a lesbian mommy blogger. Although I know I’ve mentioned that I have a son, I tend to write more about things I’m not ready to have my kid read, than about my interactions with him. However, tonight was one of those special nights and I have a really special kid.

I’m hoping that my son, who is stumbling into puberty, will grow up to be a kind man. All arrows point that way. He’s a great guy with an easy way about him, a good sense of humor, and he’s genuinely nice to people. In return people are nice back.

I asked him if he wanted go to the rally in SF last night, and at first he wasn’t sure. Then he thought about it and said “I think I would”. So I left work a little early and we drove south, over the bridge, and into the city. (Well, actually I drove, and he did his math homework.)

We arrived in the Castro with a few minutes to spare. My son sized it all up and said “I need a restroom, candles, and a sign to carry.” True to form, my son asked a shopkeeper if we could use his restroom, and he agreed. By the time I emerged from my turn in the restroom, a nice guy in a black fedora was comparing hat brims with my son. Minutes later he met us outside and handed us a sign. And again, within minutes, my son found a guy to sell us a pair of little electric candles for $2 each.

Then we were off with the crowd.

It was a school night. We’ll have to be out of the house at 7:15 this morning – he to school, me to teach a yoga class before my “regular” job. And we live quite a distance north of San Francisco.

So what was this lesbian mommy thinking?

I was thinking that I had an incredible opportunity to teach my son something about civil rights, and – hopefully – to let him witness something historic… and I think I did.

You see, one of my great hopes is that he won’t have to see many civil rights rallies in his lifetime. I hope they won’t be needed. I want him to understand the important of equal rights – not just for his lesbian mommy – but for everybody. I want him to be able to explain that importance to the people of his generation, although I’m hoping he won’t ever have to.

You can read about the Eve of Justice rally on SFGate, the SF Chronicle’s website. There’s also a video below that will give you a taste of the event.


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