Jodie Foster… and Me!

jodyfosterOh. My. Gawd. Jodie Foster gets speeding tickets_ – just like me!

Unfortunately, she was pulled over by a Beverly Hills cop who had a ride-along truTV production camera for the reality show Speeders. (I’m pretty sure watching this show is something else you can do while eating Doritos.)

Rumor has it, the police clocked Foster doing 54 mph in her green-conscious Prius inside a 35 mph zone.

(Oh. My Gawd. I don’t have a Prius yet, but I’ve driven 54 in a 35 zone. I have! She is just like me!)

Putting her Yale education to work, Foster smartly declined to sign a waiver and be featured for the reality program .

But she reportedly argued with the police once the camera was turned off. Reports say Foster became “quite agitated and angry, and kept insisting to the police officers that the radar gun must have made a mistake. (Again, just like me!) Despite all of her attempts to talk her way out of it, the cops still issued her a citation. (Girlfriend, we have so much in common!)

All these years I thought of Jodie as a lesbian* superstar, high above the banalities of everyday life. Now, I realize she’s just like me. Well… except I don’t get pulled over in Hollywood by cars carrying reality tv crews… and the media doesn’t breathlessly report on my tickets. But, otherwise, we’re exactly the same.

*Note: I should have said “In recent years, I’ve thought of her as a lesbian superstar. Before that she was just another thinly closeted celebrity, albeit a hot one”.


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