Off to the Academy Awards… Sort Of

So, things are in a bit of a flurry at my house. We’re starting a quick primping and preening process before heading out to the Academy of Friends annual awards gala. AOF is a San Francisco organization that exists with a single purpose – to throw an amazing Academy Awards party (probably the biggest outside of Hollywood), and distribute the proceeds to AIDS service organizations in the Bay Area. Of course, it’s more complicated than I’m making it, but that’s the basic part of what AOF has been doing for 29 years, and lots of people have benefited from the support of thousands of party-goers over the years.

This year’s bash will be especially fun for my sweetie and me: Because of a travel glitch between Christmas and New Year’s, we ended up at home instead of in New York as planned. So with a week off and time counting down on my annual pass to the local movie house, we went to the movies… lots of them. We’re feeling pretty well informed for tonight’s do. However, it goes without saying that we’ll all be holding our breath for Milk. When that film wins an award (and I know it will), imagine how much fun it will be in a huge San Francisco room full of gay men? There’s no place I’d rather be!

Back to the readying… sheer black stockings and lizard slingback heels (me), polished boots (her), pearls (me), black velvet v-neck (her), white dinner jacket (me), hair product (her), and lipstick (that would be me).


2 responses to “Off to the Academy Awards… Sort Of

  1. So where are the pictures? Come on, I know if you took the time to get doll’d up that you had to take at least 1 or 2 pix, right?

    • Well… We’re trying to round up one. We took a silly one here that looks like a prom picture, but can’t seem to find the camera’s cable. But there was a photographer at the event who took several pictures of us dancing and gave me his card. I’ve emailed him, so maybe…

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