ABC’s All-Femme Super Wedding

bianca-reeseAs the ability of same-sex couples to marry in California stands in the hands of a state Supreme Court decision yet again, one Hollywood lesbian couple will be married with fanfare and an estimated 2 million guests – or viewers.

In February, marriage equality will be coming to ABC’s All My Children, when Bianca, Erica Kane’s lesbian daughter, marries her partner Reese. (Or doesn’t . . . you know how those soap operas go.)

On February 13 and 16, All My Children’s gay super couple, Reese and Bianca are planning to tie the lesbian knot. It will be a historic milestone for daytime TV as no other gay soap couple has ever walked down the aisle.

The story is already getting major coverage and snagged the coveted cover of Soap Opera Digest.

An of course, in true Hollywood tradition, it’ll be a femme-on-femme wedding with all the frilly trimming. (After all, we’ve got to introduce middle-America to lesbian culture slooowly.)

You can read more in the San Francisco Examiner.


2 responses to “ABC’s All-Femme Super Wedding

  1. Awesome! I’m getting married in real life here in Charlotte, NC. Check out the craziness at Thanks!

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