S. Bear Bergman: Be a Hero!

S. Bear Bergman is a queer activist and author. Ze is perhaps best known for the book Butch is a Noun.

You can see Bear reading from the book in the video below.

Bear recently spoke on the UC Santa Cruz campus, which inspired a friend to send me a link to this video, which the suggestion I make Bear a GPG Centerfold.


It seems like trans and gender issues are playing a bigger and bigger part in the LGBT community. I don’t think this is because more people are feeling conflicted about their gender, I think it’s because there’s more information available about the options, more acceptance of gender variance, and more support, in general. I thinbk this can only add up to more happy, comfortable people, and a happier society for everybody.

Bear keeps quite a tour schedule, talking to people all over the country about gender variance. This is from hir website:

Last month, someone told me I was her hero. I had gone to her small college and performed, and afterwards her classmates had begun to speak positively about queer and trans folks. For the first time, she felt she could come out – and did. Organizations and institutions that are queer- and trans-inclusive have the resources to invite me to participate in their conversations. The places where the administration is intolerant, where the culture is conservative, or where our issues are not given priority end up starving for it. I am dedicated to meeting that need. I am committed to taking education, awareness, openness, and the great joy of my outlaw tribe wherever anyone will have me. I go where I’m asked, whenever I’m able, and perform or teach or lecture for free. I love it.

Of course, the kicker is Bear can’t always be there. Even when ze works for free, travel costs can be prohibitive.

Bear is working with The Fund For Women Artists, to develop a pool of money that will fund more speaking engagements. Over the course of one year, Bear’s work can have a positive effect on hundreds of young people.

To help contribute to Bear’s fund – ze’s hoping to find 100 people who will contribute $5 month – use this link, and be sure to indicate that you want your donation to help support the work of S. Bear Bergman.

You can read Bear’s entire statement about being a $5 hero on hir website, and you can read more about the Fund For Women Artists here.

Below, Bear reads from hir book, Butch Is a Noun, at the University of Connecticut:


One response to “S. Bear Bergman: Be a Hero!

  1. The reaction faces of the girl to the left are priceless! This video is enough to make me wish I was more butch.

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